About me


I’m Niels Kuiper, a tech lead and software developer from the Netherlands. Mostly I develop in kotlin, but as it is these days, I also work with java, golang, groovy, javascript, html and css.

In the past I’ve worked with several technologies and frameworks such as (list of buzzwords follows here) Kotlin, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, JavaEE, NodeJS, AngularJS, Groovy, Tomcat, Websphere, Jenkins, Jira, JPA, Hibernate, OpenJPA, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) and probably some more that are less interesting.

I prefer working in Agile/Scrum environments, am a certified scrum master and also have an opinion about this methodology. I’ve also gained some experience with DevOps.

I currently work for bol.com in the Netherlands.